Identify Strategies For Best Practice

Our Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) methodology is based on collaborative learning and identifies the best approach after the development strategy has been established. This methodology is the reference point for the Design Management Process that runs through all stages of the project.

From the beginning we engage our Development Manager, Construction Manager, Design Manager, Project Manager, Estimating Manger and consultants to identify key risks and building issues with the objective of reducing the development time and cost whilst still delivering on the specified outcomes.

Our value engineering approach considers the desired outcomes by using a multidisciplinary team to analyse the requirements, function, processes and costs with a view on finding the best-value design in order to reduce cost and lead-time.

The risk analysis attempts to agree on the assessment of risk likelihood, severity rating, mitigation strategy and establishing cost and time associated with all residual risks. Our approach considers risk relating to the environmental issues, occupational health and safety issues, lifetime maintenance, cost and time.

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