Understanding All Aspects Of The Building Lifecycle

By intimately understanding the project lifecycle Parkview is able to take the reins of your project at any stage. We understand that your project, managed well from inception to completion, will ensure a positive result for all stakeholders.

Parkview have specialised teams dedicated to each stage of the project lifecycle to ensure the smooth delivery of your project.

The diagram below highlights 3 major stages;

1. Early Planning
Design, plan, value engineer, risk analysis.

2. Construction
All services concerned with building your project, ensuring high quality and efficiency.

3. Completion and Handover
After the construction is complete, the project takes on a new life and Parkview ensures that this stage is as smooth and problem-free as possible.

Across all these stages is the Design Management Process which looks at a number of control points; cost, variation, quality, risk and environment as well as general workflow efficiencies.

This process is perpetual, constantly improving so that Parkview can deliver projects successfully with positive results on time, cost and quality.

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