Understanding All Aspects To Deliver Quality Projects

At any stage of a project, the success and realisation of the clients’ objective is subject to the quality of the design management process.

The earlier effective design management systems are implemented, the greater the advantage. If a project is in its infancy, Parkview has the expertise to work together with its clients to identify the key issues in a project and plan effectively; including project feasibility and design intent.

Additionally, by engaging an experienced team that is able to manage a project from beginning to end, early identification of design and construction risk may result in overall savings for the project.

A project managed well from the outset, with established effective channels of communication, has the highest potential to result in an outstanding product.

Parkview have broken up the delivery and construction of a Design & Construction project into the below 3 phases; Design, Construction and Maintenance. Each phase has its own key objectives and deliverables to ensure a successful design management process.

Through Parkview’s design management process we are able to value engineer the project to ensure a high level of quality is achieved and maximise profitability for our clients.

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